"Cory" Masear
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His legacy
Cory the Pied Piper  

Cory was a modern day version of the piper. Whether he wanted them to or not, kids loved him and would follow him where ever he went. (I think he secretly enjoyed the attention.) I remember children of mom's friends crawling all over him like he was a jungle gym. I even remember one girl that he tried to scare away with his smelly feet, but she liked smelling them. (No names I don't want to embarrass her.) The short year Cory was here to get to know his nephew, he beamed with pride. He even pretended that Dominic was his son at one point, whether it was to impress a girl or scare her away, I'm not sure. It saddens me to think that Dominic and Abigail (Cory's new niece) won't get to know their uncle and play with him. I'm sure they would have loved to spend time together. You can be sure I'm going to tell them all about Cory, the good and bad. That way when they do meet him someday, they'll know who he is and catching up won't be so hard.

The Gentle Giant  

Cory was a very loving and caring person. He didn't like to see people hurt or bullied. Having been there himself, Cory wasn't afraid to stick up for the little guys. Not only did he look out for other kids in school, but on a few occasions he stood up for his older sister as well. He didn't like to see women hurt either. Cory was raised well and it showed. We'll all remember him in many different ways, but we should also remember how kind he was.

Son, Brother, Friend...Uncle  
We all know Cory was a friendly person. He was a good son, a pretty neat brother, and an awesome friend to many. He was a great uncle, although for a short time, to his nephew too. Dominic will never remember his Uncle Cory, but that's not going to stop us from telling him everything there is to know about him. They were buddies from the minute they met and I'm sure would have continued that way forever. Cory was loved by many people, and will be missed by them too. He will remain in the hearts of his family and friends for eternity.
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