"Cory" Masear
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Cory / Mike Courtney (cousin)  Read >>
Cory / Mike Courtney (cousin)
Cory was a gift
Still in our heads and he
Put his friends and family first
Was our friend we miss him dearly

And he lead the way
He's always a leader
the stars that shine
I know that it's Cory
We often pray for his family's well being
I have to say we'll always miss Cory

You appreciated life
You found the best in others
You left this would one bit better
Looking over us from up in the sky
We'll all meet again after this life's through

In loving memory of Cory
(Benjamin C. Stuart Masear) Close
Miss you forever.  / Deanna Daynard (sister)  Read >>
Miss you forever.  / Deanna Daynard (sister)

Cory I miss you more than I can ever express in words. I think about you and the good times every day. Every time I look at Dominic I wish you were here to play with him, he misses you too. Sometimes I hear someone whose voice is almost as exact as yours and I have to look and think twice. I may never get to hang out with you or have a drunken conversation with you on the phone again, but I will see you again someday and I hope it'll be the same as it ever was. Love you very much little brother.

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